Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!

Once again we cross paths to share a moment that reminds us of why we never see each other during the year.

As has been the case, our lives fell short of expectations again this year. Yours probably did too. It’s starting to feel like we should lower the bar. It’s just so exhausting trying to Keep Up with the Kardashians. They’re everywhere. Gosh, I wish they weren’t. I’m sure you agree life would be better without them. In fact, we were talking the other day about Kim and Kanye West naming their son North West. How is someone supposed to Keep Up with that? Our only thought was to adopt a little girl and name her Sushi Rice.

Brenda continues to age like fine wine. Every year she becomes better, more nuanced and complex. Doug continues to age like fine cheese. Every year another layer of mold and a bit more pungent.

One event of note was Brenda’s dad’s 80th Birthday. Brenda went up to the mountains with the whole family and spent the week enjoying the outdoors. While a lovely time was had by all, there was a small issue with a bee hive that had been disturbed and those bees were none to happy about it.


I found this out as I arrived later in the week to the welcome screams of, “Run! Run into the house!” Followed by “No, not in the house, you’ll let them in! Run into the bushes!” “No, not the bushes, jump in the pool!” “Just run!” The pesky bees weren’t dissuaded easily and that’s when I realized that it had been a while since I ran. In my defense, I had been driving and I didn’t get a proper stretch. Bees 1, Doug 0. Thank goodness there was no video.

By the way, for those of you keeping score at home, gas driving to the mountains $50, boring gift that will likely be a donation to the White Elephant sale, $100, having your son-in-law greeted at your birthday party by having everyone screaming at him to run around like a crazy person, priceless. Happy Birthday Dad!

Brenda and Dad

The more pedestrian things include Doug finishing another degree, Brenda lower her handicap to a “bogey” golfer, and way, way too much work. Doug didn’t play one round of golf all year. He started a software venture and on top of his teaching load begins every day at 6am pulling his hair out trying to reinvent the world. However, 2016 should see that work come to fruition and we can finally “Keep Up.” If not, we’ll see you here again next year.

Until then be safe and well. You’re all awesome.

Happy Holidays,


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