Christmas 2014

Seasons Greetings!
Many of you have sent us holiday junk mail, spam, and other semi-illegal communications already this year, so this retaliation shouldn’t be unexpected.
It’s time to intrude with holiday minutiae once again.
Saddened by the loss of our beloved golden retriever Buddy, this year’s festivities lack panache. There’s no barking, no muddy paws, no wanting in…then out…then in…then out. While time helps, the daily routine things are still missed. For the last 14 years, I can’t remember finishing the last bite of a sandwich. It always went to Buddy. He wanted out in the middle of the night so often Brenda could do it in her sleep. After he passed, a couple of times she tried to put me out. She said it was out of habit, but I have my doubts. While we still miss our Buddy, we know he had a good life. We should all be so lucky.
Otherwise our mundane lives continued.
Brenda ages like a great masterpiece, getting more beautiful and valuable all the time. After improving the lives of patients with her physical therapy equipment, she steadily improves her golf game as she plays weekly with her girls. She went to Hawaii with her parents and sister for a family wedding this year and spent some time with Haley in San Diego, going to the world famous zoo and kayaking in the caves of La Jolla.
Doug rolled along like a well worn tire; balding in some places, bulging in others, and occasionally leaking air. His students rolled along too; most downhill, some with speed, but others clearly needing a push as they faced a steep uphill climb.
Besides his typical stuff, this year he has new software start-up, co-authored a chapter in one book, re-wrote two others, and began another graduate degree. So not much golf this year as in his spare time, he slept.

We hope you all live more interesting lives.
Have a safe holiday and new year.
Merry Christmas,
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